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We are not just a bakery, we are not just bakers. In fact, we are just like you, a bunch of food lovers fascinated with sweet indulgence, who dreamt of creating an appetizing fairy land of divine delicacies that relishes the utmost desires.

We are here to redefine the all-time classics to create some heavenly and unforgettable experiences. And with all this and more, we wish to fill the empty spaces in every conversation with a smile.

Od początku

Jak to wszystko się zaczęło?

Pioneers in Chocolate

The Beginning

It all began with the opening of small confectionery. The business grew quickly thanks to Xocora entrepreneurial spirit and passion. Soon xocora was a name of renown in the chocolate industry.



First Chocolate Factory

Xocora grew rapidly, opening the Xocora factory in Horgen in 1970. You could actually smell chocolate in the air when production began.

Further Growth

A world-wide favourite

Finally, in 1980, Xocora released the first red foil wrapped milk chocolate truffles as part of a Christmas promotion. They became an immediate success and customers were sad to see them go once the festive season was over…



At the forefront of chocolate innovation

In 1990, Xocora developed a ground-breaking new technology in their chocolate production: the Xocora Chocolate Process (LSCP). Next to the conching technique, this new development is the most significant in the history of Xocora chocolate production.



In 2000, yet another classic was created. Xocora introduced the extra thin Excellence dark chocolate bars with its intense and elegant flavors and fine texture.


The Future of xocora

Farming Program

Sustainability is an integral part of Xocora corporate philosophy and is firmly anchored in its strategy, from the sourcing of the cocoa beans to the chocolate product. Since 2008, the Xocora Farming Program is an expression of this commitment to sustainability.

Chocolate xocora


Today Xocora is a household name signalling quality, bliss and sweet delight the world over. A global leader in premium chocolate, we are established in more than 120 countries with manufacturing plants in the US and various locations in Europe.


As part of the agricultural industry, we fully depend on our surrounding, just as it depends on us. That’s why we grow our produce organically and sustainably. Over the past decades the carbon footprint of the factory Chocolate has been positive, which is something we’re really proud of.


Mindfulness of the Environment